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The North American Refractories Company Asbestos Personal Injury Settlement Trust (the "NARCO Asbestos Trust") was established on April 30, 2013, pursuant to the Third Amended Plan of Reorganization of North American Refractories Company, et al., dated December 28, 2005 (the "Plan"). The NARCO Asbestos Trust was formed to pay all valid NARCO Asbestos Trust Claims, as that term is defined in the Plan, in accordance with the NARCO Asbestos Trust Distribution Procedures (the "TDP").  The Trust began accepting claims on October 15, 2013.


Effective January, 12, 2017, Claims Resolution Management Corporation (“CRMC”) will be the NARCO Asbestos Trust’s sole claims processor. CRMC will process all types of claims filed with the NARCO Asbestos Trust (Expedited Review, Individual Review, Liquidated Pre-Established, and Indirect Claims). Garden City Group, LLC will no longer accept or process claims of any kind in connection with the NARCO Asbestos Trust. Please contact CRMC by clicking [here] for all claim related inquiries.

CRMC is currently working on updating its E-Claims system in order to incorporate the NARCO Asbestos Trust’s new Individual Review Claim Form. While E-Claims is being updated, please note the following in connection with filing a new claim with the NARCO Asbestos Trust or for updating a claim previously filed with the NARCO Asbestos Trust:

Individual Review Claims: Effective immediately all new Individual Review Claims must be filed with CRMC. Garden City Group, LLC will no longer be accepting or processing Individual Review Claims on behalf of the NARCO Asbestos Trust. CRMC’s E-Claims System is currently being updated to be in compliance with the NARCO Asbestos Trust’s new Individual Review Claim Form. While E-Claims is being updated, please click [here] to be transferred to CRMC’s website for more detailed instructions on how to file a new Individual Review Claim or how to update a previously filed Individual Review Claim. New or updated Individual Review Claims filed at this time will not be accessible in E-Claims until a later date.

The updating of E-Claims will not affect the filing of new or updating of previously filed Expedited Review, Liquidated Pre-Established or Indirect Asbestos Trust Claims.





The NARCO Asbestos Trust has posted today a revised IR Claim Form. (available here)




As announced on January 7, 2017, CRMC is now the sole claims processor for the NARCO Asbestos Trust.

Claims submission and processing for Expedited Review claims remains unchanged and you may proceed to file as before.

For Individual Review, although eClaims is in the process of being updated and you cannot yet submit claims online through eClaims or using CRMC’s Web Services, you may submit paper claims on the claim form (available here)  and by bulk upload through the SimpleBatch system (available here).

The Trust is working to update eClaims and Web Services and will provide that functionality for Individual Review as soon as possible. For more information, please consult the Trust’s website at and contact the CRMC with any questions (click here for contact information).




In April 2016, the NARCO Trust issued Directives Related to Exposure to its claims processor.  Those Directives with their exhibits (redacted as appropriate) are attached.  The claims processor is instructed to process claims in accordance with these and other instructions and the TDP.  Processing instructions change from time to time and may be amended by the NARCO Trust without further update or notice to claimants.  In the event of any inconsistency between an instruction and the TDP, the TDP controls.

The attached are provided for your information only and do not guarantee the payment of any claim. Narco Exposure Directive




Notice re NARCO filing deadline requirements.




The NARCO Trust has posted a revised Individual Review claim form to its website.




The NARCO Trust has posted the Proof of Claim Form for Unliquidated Claims to be Processed Under Individual Review (the “IR Claim Form”). The NARCO Trust will post a follow-up notice when the NARCO Trust is ready to accept claims submitted on the IR Claim Form electronically. The IR Instructions Booklet referenced in the IR Claim Form will be published at a later date.




The NARCO Trust has posted a notice regarding the April 1, 2017 filing deadline for certain claims. Please click here to review that document.




The NARCO Trust has posted an updated Proof of Claim Form - Unliquidated claims (ACC,PEU) and Proof of Claim Form Instruction - Unliquidated claims (ACC,PEU).




The Trust has posted updated Presumptive NARCO and Presumptive SOE charts




The NARCO Trust has posted an updated FAQ.  click here to view that document.




Certain claims previously classified as having completed review have been re-classified as awaiting review as of February 17, 2016.  The reason for this change is that the Trustees have recently implemented refinements to the Trust’s claims processing procedures.  There have been no changes to either the exposure notice (link) or the claim form instructions(link), and claimants’ interactions with the Trust should not change going forward.  As always, please contact with any questions.




The Trust has posted an updated exposure notice.  Please click here to view that document.




Attention: Information inputted into E-Claims prior to or after a claim is formally submitted should not be considered confidential work product.  Any information you enter is stored in a manner that is accessible to (i) representatives of the Trust and (ii) Honeywell Corporation, in each case, including their employees, personnel,  contractors, and representatives.




Batch Updates

We've updated our Simplebatch template for Narco. It has an additional field 'AffirmPOCReview'. See here for more info.


Web Service Updates

We've also updated our Web Service for Narco. See here for more info.




The Proof of Claim Form for Indirect Asbestos Trust Claims has been posted to the website under Document Tab P. Indirect Claims may be filed on paper or via the eClaims application once a law firm has registered to do so. Claims may not be filed in batch. Click here to view the form.




We've updated WebServices and Simplebatch for Narco claims; please goto for more information.


According to the POC instructions, if an asbestos-related lawsuit was filed on behalf of the injured party you are required to provide that information when filing a NARCO claim. eClaims now requires that you indicate if a lawsuit was filed on behalf of the claimant for each and every claim. For those in-process claims where litigation was not previously entered, they have been pushed back to a status where you must enter it. If litigation was filed, you are required to upload the litigation face sheet along with the pages that indicate what defendants were sued.                                        




The Trust has updated its releases to include a check box for the person signing and their printed name. If you have already printed a release from eclaims there is no need to reprint.                      




The NARCO work site list has been updated and can be found under the Documents tab W. We have removed the submission of additional information for five work sites




Please be advised that the NARCO Trust is currently in the process of developing an indirect claim form. Once it has

been finalized, we will publish the form, along with instructions for submission, to the website. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to the Trust's processing facility with questions or concerns by phone at (800) 536-2722 or by email at




The NARCO Trust has posted several new procedures  on the website.  Click the appropriate link below to access them:


Procedures for Supplementing Presumptive NARCO Exposure Occupations.


Procedures for Supplementing Presumptive NARCO Significant Occupational Exposure.


Procedures for Supplementing the Worksite List.




The NARCO Trust's frequently asked questions document has been updated and has been posted to the website:  Click here to access them.




The Simplebatch system has been updated to include IR data elements.  Please see for more information.




Answers to some frequently asked questions have posted to the website:  Click here to access them.




The NARCO Asbestos Trust Presumptive NARCO Exposure Chart and corresponding NARCO Exposure Notice have been posted to the website:  Click here to acces the documents index.




The NARCO Product Listing and the NARCO Product IDs have been updated. Click here to acces the documents index.




The NARCO Asbestos Trust Proof of Claim Form ("POC") for Unliquidated Claims, revision 2, is available on the website:   Click here to acces the documents index.




The NARCO Asbestos Trust will begin accepting claims on Tuesday, October 15, 2013, at 8:00am ET.  If you have quetions on filing methods or procedures, please contact CRMC at or by telephone at 800-536-2722.


The NARCO Asbestos Trust Presumptive Significant Occupational ("SOE") Chart has been posted to the website:  Click here to acces the documents index.




Claim filing forms are available.  Click here to acces the documents index.




Simple batch instructions have been posted to the Documents tab.


Webinar registrataion - Schedule your webinar by clicking the appropriate link based on your filing type:


  Hybrid Filers Click here


  Paper Filers Click here




The listing of approved NARCO work sites has been uploaded.  There are two formats available: adobe (pdf) and excel.  Due to some inadequate addresses, some sites have a "yes" in the Doc.Req. column indicating that documentation must be submitted with the claim that verifies a complete site address.   Click here to acces the documents index.


From time to time, the site list may be updated.  If this occurs, the date of the update will be appear in the Updated column.  




The implementation date for submitting claims is currently scheduled for Tuesday, October 15, 2013.




The estimated implementation date has been changed to EARLY-MID SEPTEMBER, 2013.




The homepage was updated to include: 1) a Trust Representatives page and 2) a Documents page.




The Trustees of the NARCO Asbestos Trust would like to begin the process of registering law firms for filing with the Trust prior to the implementation date, currently estimated for August 1, 2013.  If you are interested in providing your filing documents proactively, there are four or five items that will need to be completed:


1)  Hybrid Filer Agreement (HFA)


Note: The NARCO Asbestos Trust will ONLY have paper and hybrid filing methods.  The evaluation model will ONLY be run by CRMC staff and therefore, no e-claims training is required.


2)  Law Firm Affidavit


3)  User Administrator Letter


4) W-9 Form


5)  Electronic Funds Transfer, if desired by the firm


These documents are available by clicking here.  Once complete, they may be e-mailed to for review and approval.


Once the implementation date has been set, CRMC will host webinars on how to complete the electronic claim form and address specific questions you may have regarding the filing process.


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact CRMC Customer Service:  phone:  800-536-2722, e-mail:

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